Your brand is your most important asset. The most effective way to impress prospective customers, vendors or employees is to show them a video presentation they will never forget. In addition, creating digital video content is cost effective and this medium allows its use on many different platforms from broadcasting to interactive media. It is a modern marketing tool exceptionally useful and valuable to any company.
Have an event coming up and need video coverage? AKYIA knows how to make your message the star of your show.  We have the crews and equipment to help you get the job done right and in the budget.
There are three stages to every project: Pre-Production, Production and Post-Production. Once a project has been conceived, the pre-production formally begins. This is the process where the script, location and protagonists are identified. Post- production is where images, graphics, sound, and effects are all added… actually, this is where your project comes to life.
Your business is an important part of your life and its website is the gateway to being part of the business world. Built on top of the most robust e-commerce solution available, we design your internet site around your brand and your content, creating a unique identity that will set you apart from the crowd.
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In addition to its own projects, AKYIA also provides the following media services:

Our Services  

Promotional Videos, Training Videos, Product Introduction Video, TV & Web Advertising, Live Events & Speeches, Trade shows and more…
Outdoor Events, Cultural and Sport Events, Seminars, Meetings and Celebrations, Public Relations Events, Personal Events and More…
Shooting the scenes according with to script, Arranging clips based on the storyboard, Editing sound and adding music Color correction and adding visual effects, Re-shooting certain scenes if required, Producing the final video file in the required format.
Creative Design, 2D & 3D Animations, Digital Presentation, Social Media Development, Web Design and Development, Mobile Friendly - Your website made to look great on all devices ...

Our Documentaries

Some people believe it impossible for the act of filmmaking to not influence or alter the filmed events. Our documentary films simply observe the life with a genuine eye and a minimum of intervention. AKYIA creates both its own original film productions and contributions to specialized TV channels.  The most recent contributions  are to the programs: “The Secret Life of Predators: Forests”, “Grizzly Empire”  and “Animal Selfie”, all produced by National Geographic Television.
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As a full-service production company, AKYIA helps managing your media projects, from conception, through post production, all the way to creating your responsive website and promoting your social media presence.  Our team embraces the concept of working diligently, creatively and professionally to provide services far above our clients’ expectations.

 Who We Are?  

We are part of a new breed of media productions companies, able to bring to life your unique ideas and visions.
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The first season of DISCOVER CANADA  -  "Along the Ancient Navigators' Route" -  is ready for distribution.  It has 13 episodes, each one with a length of 26 minutes and it is dedicated to the Central Canada.


Through our video productions, we tell your stories in a meaningful way which connects with the audience on a high emotional level, provoking it to react and in the same time, inspiring it to want to discover more . . . and more. . .


Our professional and energetic team is determined to show through the video camera lenses their view of the most interesting topics worldwide, creating innovative and captivating original films.


Are situated all around the world: from TV channels and small, local businesses to large, international corporations. We endeavor to make easy for each of our clients to achieve the desired result, whatever the size or budget of the project.
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